Our Vision

Outcome Accounting’s vision is to be a leading South Australian and business service provider, actively supporting individuals and like-minded businesses to fulfil their own visions, whilst maintaining a family focus and supporting society.


Our Core Values

  • Passion: It’s not just about the money, it’s about the Outcome.
  • Integrity: Ethical and honest behaviour is never open to negotiation.
  • Balance: Family is important.
  • Commitment: We are here to help.
  • Community: Good business creates opportunities for good works.
  • Equity: Our services should be fairly and reasonably priced.
  • Quality: The best outcome is more than simply the best financial outcome.


Our Mission

We endeavour to create a firm which provides excellent service to our clients, while actively considering the needs of our team members. With business strength, we will strive to fulfil our core values as they relate to our team members, clients and the community at large. This will enable Outcome Accounting to remain a viable, sustainable, profitable and generous enterprise into the future.


Our Projects of Passion

  • Ugandan Child Soldiers via The Colour Sisterhood: major sponsors Mollydooker, BMW Adelaide, Fox Real Estate. Through generous giving at a cocktail fundraiser, our clients funded nearly 1/2 of the bricks and mortar, health-care, and schooling for a safe-house for 8 escaped child soldiers, and a mother who had lost her children.  A truly memorable learning for us about the gift of giving. To give more?  See Invisible Children.


  • Chimwemwe Footprints Project: (OA affiliated sponsors: Bruce Hobby Photography, Laptop Plus, Ben Calder of Western Pacific Financial Group). Through a spontaneous collaborative project between 3 children of 3 Outcome team members, one Australian nurse, and one African nurse, more than 2,000 pairs of shoes were collected and transported to Malawi, Africa.  Learnings of logistics, love and politics were phenomenal.  To learn more, or give, speak with Karen at Outcome Accounting.


  • Child sponsorship through Compassion Australia: as an initial team of 4 in 2008, we sponsored our first child.  We now have a cluster of 3, and in time hope for a very large family (if not a whole town). All team members of Outcome Accounting contribute a part of their pay to support our children, and feedback from our extended family is given regularly at our team-meetings.


  • B1G1: (our most recent social giving commitment) Through B1G1 we give financially to achieve better life outcomes for people in third world countries. We will soon detail what we will provide to others simply as a result of you meeting your accounting / superannuation responsibilities through Outcome Accounting.


Scott Lindqvist: Founder of Outcome Accounting

Scott LindqvistScott established Outcome Accounting in 2008, after more than 16 years experience of business ownership and management through a major accounting firm, and as a partner for in a middle sized firm. The subsequent growth of Outcome Accounting is a reflection of the fairly priced services and high level of responsiveness and commitment shown to clients.

Scott has worked as an advisor on transactions involving the restructuring of public and private businesses, as well as providing assisting small and medium sized enterprises and family businesses to succeed through strategic and succession planning, compliance services, and meeting accounting and tax requirements. He also has a particular interest in the pre and post start-up needs of not-for-profit enterprises.

Driven by the need to make a difference, Scott’s passion is to assist people and enterprises succeed. By doing so, Outcome Accounting is placed in a position to assist communities globally to prosper.

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