Preparation can save you time and money, so we’ve put together a few checklists of what to bring when you meet us, so we can get to work getting you the outcome for your business and lifestyle.

To follow are checklists of what you should bring to each meeting;

Your First Appointment

Anything and everything you think will be useful to help us understand where you are and where you want to go. If you are unsure, check out some of the questionnaires below and see if they fit the bill.

Annual Business Tax Compliance

Bring any relevant completed Outcome Accounting Questionnaires.

2014 Accounts Preparation for Businesses

2014 Individual Tax Preparation Questionnaire (extended)

2014 Fringe Benefits

2015 Accounts Preparation for Business  



Your completed Outcome Accounting questionnaire, appropriate to your circumstances. If you have not received a questionnaire to complete, please follow this link:

2014 Superannuation Accounts Preparation Questionnaire

2015 Superannuation Accounts Preparation Questionnaire


Personal Tax

All source documents associated with the activities of the superannuation fund for the year. Here is a simple, yet comprehensive checklist of things to bring:

2014 Checklist for individuals regarding income Tax Return

Personal Income Tax Return 2015 – Checklist

If you would like to be a little more thorough, saving you time at our office, and therefore money, follow this link:

2014 Individual Tax Preparation Questionnaire (extended)

Individual Tax Preparation Questionnaire 2015


 Quarterly Compliance/BAS

Your most complete MYOB / data file.


Monthly Meetings

  • your agenda
  • documents pertinent to agenda points
  • monthly management reports
  • other business items
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