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Outcome Accounting provides a range of accountancy services to assist you manage your business. It takes more than compliance accounting to achieve excellent business outcomes.  So if you are looking to take your business to the next level, we are here to help.

Business Startup

So you want to start a business, that’s great! There is lots to consider though in terms of getting set up, and it can be a overwhelming if you are new to business. If you have vision we can help make it an outcome by helping you navigate setting up you business by offering advice and information on everything you need to know, so to get the best start, contact us today and ask us how we can help.
Read more on our Business Start-Ups page.

Business Consulting and Development

If you want to move up the ranks and take your business to the next level we can help you manage and minute your board meetings and increase the accountability to the decisions you make. Taking the next step up involves the success of your business meetings which need thorough information preparation and planning in advance of taking place. We can help get it sorted with our business consulting and development services.

Business Improvement Strategies

Whether business is booming or struggling, we can analyse where your business is ‘at’ currently, and where it has been, in order to improve the way forward. We might discover that your cash is “leaking” from surprising places. Alternatively, we could work with you to set some benchmarks. These are only two of many ideas which could assist you.

Company Restructuring

Company restructuring isn’t only for times when a business is in strife, but can be the difference between business survival and the end of a dream.  We can work with you to increase your business viability and profitability during the good times as well, ensuring your continued success through economic downturns. We might look at payroll changes, cost-cutting, sale of assets and more.

Cashflow management

Are you having trouble making sure you have money in the bank for bills at the right time?  Cash-flow management allows you to estimate the amount of cash that you will have available at any one time, and anticipate trends in cash inflow and cash outflow. It also helps evaluate whether a shortfall or surplus in cash might need to be anticipated. We can assist you with, or manage a monitoring regime for you, to give you better control over your cash.

Accounting and Taxation Compliance Services

At ‘tax time’, our accurate and intelligent tax return preparation can help you minimise the amount of tax you pay, while meeting your taxation obligations.  A win-win outcome. Our team of accountants can ensure you pay the minimum amount of tax and get your funds ASAP.


If your book-keeping is stopping you from growing your business, perhaps it’s time for someone else to do it. This will free you up to do what you do best. We promote Xero software, a cloud-based program which can keep your book-keeping fully up to date and reconciled with your bank statement.  Our team members are all Xero Certified so we can do the work for you, or help you in your understanding of the software.

Corporate Secretarial Services

Time is precious and perhaps better well spent somewhere other than being bogged down by ASIC, ATO and Corporations Act requirements. You can focus on the tasks you want by letting us remember the key dates for you, drafting and lodging documents and forms and even maintaining your registers and minute books.

Self Managed Superannuation

Superannuation has always been important, and more and more people are going down the path of self-managed superannuation funds (SMSF). Of course there are lots of rules and regulations, do’s and dont’s, and huge importance to do it right – after all, it is your future. Is a SMSF for you? Is it worth it? Definitely a discussion worth having and we can guide you in the right direction to people who can give the right advice for you. We can then work closely with your Advisors to ensure your SMSF is setup correctly and we will attend to all of your SMSF annual compliance requirements.

Succession Planning

It is best to think about your succession plan way before you retire. You’ll need to think about many important issues and this is definitely an area best not left until it’s too late.

Estate Compliance and CGT Advice

It is very important for the executors of an estate to receive the right tax advice. Attention to the final tax matters of a deceased person and also the taxation compliance of an estate, whether it is a simple one year estate or an ongoing estate matter, is a crucial step in finalising the matters of a deceased person’s affairs. The estate of a deceased person is a separate tax paying entity to that of the deceased and the ATO requires that the estate be issued with its own tax file number. Scott Lindqvist as Principal of Outcome Accounting has a special interest in this field and has many years of experience working closely with families of deceased persons, directly with executors, administrators and also with lawyers managing the legal aspects of estate matters acting on behalf of the appointed executor or administrator, to ensure the correct tax compliance is achieved. In particular, many executors or administrators require advice with respect to simple and sometimes more complex capital gains tax (CGT) advice and it is important for the correct advice to be provided to ensure the best outcome is achieved so as to increase the value of the financial benefits to be received by the beneficiaries of the estate. Outcome Accounting can assist with all of the compliance and CGT advice needs in relation to the estates of your family and friends.

Have you forgotten to lodge your tax returns?

This can become quite serious, but we are excellent at liaising with the Australian Tax Office.  We can help prepare your returns, and smooth the path with the ATO, possibly even negotiating a payment plan.

Of course the list of our services doesn’t end there. If you are wondering if we can help, just call (08) 8239 1143, and ask to speak with one of our friendly team members.

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